Agent network
In addition to software, Pingdelivery has been developing networks of delivery agents, thus creating a single "ecosystem" of clients and delivery services.
Who might be interested in that?
We'll be useful to companies that build e-commerce businesses from the point of view of selecting new partners for logistics. This is especially true for those businesses that want to enter new markets but don't have sufficient knowledge and experience for doing this. Together with our partners we have a great deal of experience in developing countries.

Companies that are experiencing difficulties with deliveries during peak periods when there are too many orders and too few couriers can benefit from us by obtaining new partners who will be able to meet such challenges on their behalf. Such a selection process is organised only among those who use our system. Thus we ensure sufficient transparency of everybody's work and share responsibility among all participants.

We help companies that are seeking new customers or extra loading capacity by means of distributing the traffic of orders after prior arrangements and scoring. This will allow you to obtain not only our software but also extra marketing channels free of charge.
How do we create Agent Network?
We have certain standards to attract new agents that include interviews, security checks and online training.
We engage entrepreneurs who are interested in growing their delivery businesses: we provide software, training, legal support and ensure orders from customers.
Delivery Services
We attract small and medium-size delivery services which are ready to use our software and implement our delivery standards. We help integrate larger service providers.
We provide our software solutions to our clients' delivery teams (in some cases at reduced rates) and include them into our agents' network in the future.
Pingdelivery community offers a range of logistics services
Batching and storage
Agents collect, pack and store goods and we provide you with complete information on stock count in warehouses.
The first and the last mile
Agents pick up goods or orders from the client and deliver them to the required addresses.
The call centre and order verification
Agents call up customers from the local call centre to confirm the order or even engaged in sales.
Distribution of goods
Agents can collect goods from the central warehouse or at the customs office in that particular country and then distribute them across the regions.
Collection of money
Agents can ensure the collection and transfer of money from customers. Cash-on-Delivery is the most popular method of payment in emerging markets.
Handling returns
Agents will take care of returns which is the best way to ensure excellent experience with brands. It leads to high loyalty of customers.
Our community operates in many countries
Instant distribution and means of control
Our software can be integrated with IT infrastructure of our clients through API, web-hooks, e-mails and widgets.

We automatically allocate orders between our agents, depending on the location, efficiency, load and then monitor the results.

Feeling excited?
If you want to know more about how it's organised and how it works then jot down a few words about yourself and about your request and we will contact you.