Use logistic platform Pingdelivery, to automate delivery processes. We simplify the work of both delivery services and e-commerce.
Customized solution
The flexibility of our system allows you to connect modules upon your request (Call Center, Dispatch, Routing, Financing, Analytics, Courier App, etc.)
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Working in real time
You can track courier location, receive notifications about order status and control it, make fast decisions to get loyal and happy customers.
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Analyze your business
Get detailed statistics on sales, deliveries, reject reasons for order cancellations and more. All collected data will help to grow and scale.
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The number of clients who use our platform to organize deliveris either by their own teams or through agents.
The number of countries where our clients operate and make their business (Russia, CIS, Asia, Africa, Latin America, USA)
E-commerce verticals where clients see added value of our platform connected with their business.
Find out how our solutions will help your business.
Friendship with Pingdelivery is a win-win strategy
Our experience help to grow you faster
We have experience in organizing our own and partner's courier delivery service, including emerging markets in Asia, Africa, CIS, and Latin America. Our experience is your advantage.
We connect you to our agent network
We develop network of partners and clients based on our infrastructure. Everybody interact with each other, distribute orders during peak periods or low season. Network helps to extend sales in new markets.
We customize our software based on your needs
Delivery process of every vertical has its own differences and requirements. We get involved to your business and customize it. We provide you with added value functions only.
Interested in developing your business
We charge clients only for orders that are coming to our system. No hidden fees. In some cases, we charge only for successful deliveries. Our sucess will come only with yours.
We make world-class support
No matter big or small your company, we create direct communication and respect your feedback and expectations. Your questions and concerns will be heard.
Constant improvement process
We want to make perfect match for your business and take into account your requests, ideas and deliver it through our software. Be sure, we are developing software for humans.
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Increase the level of automation and transparency of your business processes with last mile delivery
Reduce the costs of transport logistics, as well as support staff
Monitor the status of delivery and the location of couriers in real time
Partner with other Pingdelivery clients, provide your delivery service to them or make business in new areas
Without last mile delivery service, your business will suffer from big e-commerce companies. It's time to transform your business before it's too late.