Manuals for setting up
RetailCRM integration

Register in Pingdelivery
We'll send your account details and API key to email.

Create API key in RetailCRM

Configure API key access settings
1. The key is created automatically, just copy it.

2. Choose all your stores or "Access to a particular store", from which one you will send orders for courier delivery.

3. In "API methods allowed" choose next API methods:


Connect Pingdelivery integration module
Select Pingdelivery module in Marketplace, click "Connect" and enter the following:
  • Module Name - our module name
  • Crm Api Key - created for integration in the section: /admin/api-keys
  • Platform Api Key - api-ключ, will be received from Pingdelivery support
  • Crm Url – full system address. Please, check it (for example, )

Configure the stores names in Pingdelivery
1. If you want to upload orders to the Pingdelivery system under a single store's name, leave default settings. The default name is CRM account's name.

2. If you want to register orders in the Pingdelivery system according to the store's name, the system'll prompt you to select the appropriate options.

The first column contains the store's name in RetailCRM.

The second column - store's name in Pingdelivery.

Configure Pingdelivery module in RetailCRM
The module is installed. Please, go to Marketplace and select the Pingdelivery module

Choose Pingdelivery statuses to match RetailCRM statuses

Point out the statuses you want to track from delivery. After that adjustment changing the status in Pingdelivery will automatically change the status in RetailCRM.

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