Use interface of call centre to make sales verifications and delivery confirmations with the customers. Apply the entire list of promotions for possible upsales.
What is it used for?
Very often you need to coordinate delivery date, time and address with the customer in advance because nobody wants couriers to waste their time. Sometimes the buyer provides incomplete data so you require clarification. Some companies give the operator of the call centre the right to adjust the order if the buyer doubts, changes his or her mind or wants to order something else. All this can be done directly from our interface.
Build your queue of orders
Operator's interface can create lists of customers who need to be contacted first. All new orders are coming to the first column. Then operator selects a group of orders to work with and starts calling. When failing to get through to the customer he or she schedules the next call and works on them one by one. Coloured bars show the urgency of order processing.
Edit order details
The ability of the operator to change order details can be customized upon your request. You can add products, change amounts, times and dates of deliveries, specify the delivery tariff or cost and payment method. If you have several independent delivery teams, the operator can redirect the order to the right team which will drop it to the customer.
What else can be useful?
Connecting VoIP and SIP, recording of calls
Make calls directly from the order card and receive incoming calls from customers. Integrate with existing providers or link with your own one for an additional fee.
Sending text messages
Upon request, we will set up a text message template that the operator can send to the customer. This can be used when the order is confirmed or he/she can't reach the buyer. Each customer interaction increases the likelihood of a successful transaction.
3 for the price of 2, 1+1 and other promotions
You will be able to boost your sales easily even if changes are made to the orders. All promotions and pricing policy are taken into account in the system. Your operator will tell the new price to the customer literally within 1 second.
Hide customers' phone numbers or other data
Sometimes, remote operators may pass customer information to competitors. We'll give you the tools to protect your sales and data safely, minimize fraud risk.
Filtering orders by various criteria
The sidebar allows you to filter information in almost any field. This will allow you to customize the processing of orders and to handle larger orders in the first place. Alternatively, you can just prioritise your customers' orders.
Reject reason analysis
If the order is cancelled, the operator will be able to choose the most appropriate reason for that in the system. We have prepared an extended list of reasons that would allow you to understand why your customers change their mind. Analysis will allow you to properly adjust sales scripts and identify problems in the product itself or in the service.
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