Courier application
Assign orders to couriers and check their location on the map. The dispatcher is notified of all changes and get in touch with team and customers for updates.
What is it used for?
The courier application plays an important part in courier's work. This application greatly simplifies the courier's work and allows him/her to get away from paperwork routine. It also ensures constant communication with the dispatcher, allows to receive orders at any time and reports about the completion of the task.
The courier receives a list of deliveries and plans his/her route
Immediately after assigning the order to the courier, he/she gets a notification in the app and can view the entire list of his/her deliveries for the day or even for longer periods. Couriers can adjust, rearrange deliveries based on the location and timing of a particular task.
All orders are visible on the map and will help avoid unnecessary movements
All orders are marked on the map in the application, so it won't be difficult for the courier to determine the optimal route and save time.
All information about the jobs is stored in the application
All work history is available in the application. In case of any questions the courier will always be able to get access to the completed tasks and get the necessary information.
What else can be useful?
The courier application reports on the current location of the courier
The application sends information to the Delivery module, which allows the manager/logistics specialist to see the current location of the courier and give him/her the nearest assignment.
There's an option to use a navigator
By clicking the address of the order the courier will be able to build a route using popular navigation applications that are installed in his/hers smartphone.
The application in the form of a Telegram bot for couriers with iOS
For those couriers who do not have Android smartphones, there's an equivalent - a Telegram bot which allows him/her to do the same things though in a less convenient way.
Reject reasons
The courier has an option to directly indicate straight from the application the reason of his/her inability to deliver a particular package to the customer. Utilising the experience of our customers, we have compiled a large list of reasons which will give the dispatcher / logistics specialist an understanding what to do next.
The possibility of a partial return
Upon request, we can allow the courier to change the number of items in the order and delete some items. This will allow you to keep the up-to-date information about the completed order and automatically recalculate the amount that the courier must collect from the customer.
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