Plan the distribution of orders the way you want and check delivery status and your couriers' actions. Keep in touch with your team and customers.
What is it used for?
The success of deliveries and the work of couriers depend on how the logistics manager distributes orders to couriers. The manager also has to take into account the timing of the delivery, address and other parameters. Delivering larger amounts of orders in a small area with route optimization will increase the efficiency of the courier and save your time and money.
Keep track of your order's status
After order confirmation (no matter whether it's our call centre or a third-party one), the order comes to the Delivery module, where it is ready to be distributed to couriers. You will receive notice of all orders that are delivered by the courier or refused by the customer. For the quality control of couriers' work all orders are collected in the last column according to their status.
Use maps for smarter optimization
Orders with location data are displayed on the map so you can easily distribute them among the couriers and dramatically increase the number of deliveries per working day. Choose a courier and assign orders to him/her, and then switch to another one. In addition to that, you'll be able to see the location of couriers on a map and assign a new order to the nearest of them.
If you can't work with your map properly, you can work with list of orders
In some countries, it is impossible to locate an address on the map. Sometimes there are very few orders and it is much simpler to work with the table of orders and distribute them among couriers. You can add any parameters and use filters to configure the process in convenient way.
What else can be useful?
Print out route sheets and invoices
If there is a need to attach supporting documents to the parcel or hand them over to the courier, you can print them out directly from the system. Choose one of our templates or tell us your requirements and we'll gladly prepare one for you.
Track courier location in real-time
The customer may easily obtain information about the location of the courier. If you have an application for customer, the system will be able to provide you with this information. You can also send the link via sms to the customer with courier location and order status.
Courier control / Reject reasons
Practice shows that the work of couriers must be kept under control. The final status can be specified by the dispatcher / logistics specialist. If the courier registers a refusal or a cancellation, you'll be able to see the reason for that and immediately take the necessary steps to further process this order. All this is collected into status groups where orders can be easily filtered.
Synchronization with inventory
If inventory module was set up, it will give you additional control point not to lose your stock and minimize fraud from couriers. Final status can be applied only if your courier/store get enough stock.
Filtering orders by various parameters
The sidebar allows you to filter information using almost any criteria. This will allow you to customize the processing of orders and to handle larger orders in the first place. Alternatively, you can just prioritise your customers' orders.
Managing courier accounts
The interface provides you an option of creating new and edit current couriers' accounts to provide access to the system. You can also block couriers in the system and configure additional features.
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