Keep records of collected money from customers. Be sure that your couriers transfer it to you with no fraud.
What is it used for?
Working with money is an important part of any business. You probably want to ensure that all payments for the goods are delivered to you in full. You must know how much money is in the hands of a courier, take into account various changes (rejections, partial returns, change of quantity, etc.) and on a regular basis report this to the Finance Department. You also have to invoice your clients according to the established tariffs.
You should monitor how much cash your couriers have at any given moment and try to prevent them from carrying large amounts of money.
The system shows the entire list of couriers and how much money they have on their hands for the completed orders and how much they are supposed to receive for other orders assigned to him/her. This will help to draw your attention to the couriers with large amounts of money.
Don't forget about the courier's remuneration while collecting money from them
You can register the receipt of money from the couriers in the system. If it's stipulated beforehand then you can collect money from the courier minus his/her reward for a job well done. This information can be entered into the system.
Generate COD reports at the end of the period
The COD reports in the system are generated on a weekly basis. They will show all collected money for the week. If some information is somehow missing, you can check the delivery status to update the document, then confirm data's accuracy and download it from the system.
What else can be useful?
Payment of rewards to the courier after delivery
We can include remuneration to the courier into the settings so it is reflected there and/or considered during the collection of money either immediately or at the end of the accounting period. Remuneration can be linked to the tariff zones in which the courier works.
Filling delivery zone list and cost for the customer
We can provide a flexible system of tariff zones, depending on the remoteness of the region or city which on the one hand will affect the cost for the client (if you deliver orders by third-party companies) and on the other hand will account for payments to couriers for their job.
Monthly invoices for the delivery services
On the basis of agreed conditions for delivery of orders for third party companies you'll be able to create invoices every month that can be used in your calculations with the client. You don't have to do this job manually.
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