Know your stock balance in the warehouse or store. Control the delivery of goods by couriers in real time with an option to make it within one hour.
What is it used for?
It is often necessary to control the stock in the warehouse. It's especially essential when the goods are divided between several warehouses. This allows you to see your stock balance in real time and make goods shipments in advance.
Control the stock in the warehouse and see items being delivered by couriers
All information is presented by warehouse/store and even courier. You can see stock by products on different stage (on warehouse, in transit, reserved, available in courier hands, etc.)
Generate forms for the transfer of goods between departments
You can use request system to send and receive stock from different places. Just fill simple form with goods details. It will give you opportunity to decentralize your business for faster delivery and get real-time data without additional questions.
Simplify the way of item calculation before delivering it
Based on courier delivery tasks inventory helps you to calculate the right quantity of goods need to be handled to start making your customers happier with delivering their orders.
What else can be useful?
You can set up transfer arrangements between departments and warehouses
Flexibility of the supply of goods can be adjusted depending on your organisation's processes. You can distribute goods from the central warehouse, move them between departments and transfer the goods only to specially chosen couriers. Everything will be adjusted to your needs.
Stock balance according to the batches and expiry dates
Each item can be allocated a batch number and the expiry date when being transferred to a warehouse or a department. This will let you control the remains of goods, especially those with the approaching expiry dates and to be delivered first. You'll have information necessary for a proper write-off of goods in accounting balances.
Connecting your suppliers to the system
We can provide an interface to your suppliers. They will generate application forms for the transfer of goods while your employees verify specified items and confirm their receipt. After that the items will appear on your balance sheet and will be delivered by couriers.
Delivery by courier within 1 hour
It's possible to supply the courier with more goods than it's actually required at this moment in time. Knowing this, your operator be able to assign new orders to him/her without going to the warehouse. This will ensure express delivery to the customer, which in his turn will ensure their loyalty and satisfaction.
History of all operations/write-offs, returns and movements of goods
All manipulations with goods are recorded in the system and you can track them by applying various filters. This will allow you to get the information you need in order to answer any questions.
Transfer information about stock balance to your CRM
The lists of the remaining goods can be transferred to any other accounting system. We'll give you tools for integration and extraction of this information from our system.
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