Pingdelivery Academy - Analytics Interface
General features

Takings is the one of reports that you can get in the service "Analytics".

Takings' results depend on the date filter. There are two kinds of it: "Created" or "Finalization day".

  1. If we choose "Created" filter the report shows the total number of orders that were created for the selected period in the total column and displays the status of orders at the report generation's time.
  2. If we choose "Finalization day", the report shows the total number of orders that have received the final status for this period and their current status.
The information the report provides

We see the current status of the received group of orders at the moment. The statuses can be: Canceled, Delivered or In progress. We can see the percentage of each group relatively to total number of orders (in %) and the percentage (in %) of byout.

Important: a detailed report of the product (Type reports = Product) has a difference from other reports. The result displays the number of the items, not the number of orders. One order can have more than one item.

  1. The report's details depend on the selected type of report parameter. We can see the information about orders grouped by team (Partner LM), courier (Couriers), operator (Operators), stock (for example "3+1"), product (Products), and operator (operators).

  2. The report describes full information about delivered orders: the total cost of Revenue, Delivery price, the difference between these values (Cash in house) and the average order price (Avg bill).
  3. The report is generated and the information is grouped by the Country filter. We can see this in the following picture. Two countries are selected as an example.
    It's useful to know

    You can see detailed information after clicking "plus". In this case, we see the report in the context of the operators. Click once again on the" plus " to the right of the operator and see the details of each day.

    You can click on each number in the table, get detailed information about it and download it as an xlsx file.
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