Pingdelivery Academy - Courier App
Getting started in the app
Logistician creates an account for a courier in the Delivery module. The courier receives the password by e-mail and sms to his phone. The application is translated into Russian, English and Spanish.

In the My order list the courier sees all the orders assigned to him.

In the history the courier sees the orders with which he finished working.

Tab Through courier downloads manual. In the upper right corner through the icon courier can switch the interface language to English, Spanish or Russian.
Order list

The courier first sees orders with an expired delivery date, if any. Next is a list of orders for today.

All subsequent orders courier can see if you click on the Today button in the upper right corner.

Click on any of the rooms-see all the information on the order. The courier can click on the phone icon and call the buyer. Go to Google maps on your smartphone if you click the location icon next to the address.

Depending on the business processes of the delivery service, the courier can edit or not edit the quantity of goods, also see the address of the goods collection, leave comments to the operator or take photos of the order and the goods.
How the courier begins working with the order

The courier marks the order as delivered using the Delivered button. Or choose one of the 19 reasons for the failure of the courier or buyer. If the logistician mistakenly assigned the order, the courier notes that the order is far from it.

Please note: the Refusal button says that the courier has not yet left to order, and the Return button - that the courier has reached the buyer.

App PingCourier
Download via Google Play. It's free

Automate the work of couriers with PingCourier. Give up the route sheets and other paper routine. Update order status, delivery planning, map with routes, collected revenue and accounting of goods-all in a convenient application!

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