Академия Pingdelivery - Work with Map

The interface contains basic filters for sorting orders-delivery date, courier, team and other side menu filters, including delivery time. After choosing the day, the delivery team in the list on the left we see all the orders that must be delivered with the filters.

The order displays its number in the system, the time interval and date of delivery, the name of the recipient, part of the data of the delivery address. If the coordinates are not defined, orders are collected on a separate tab Without coordinates. It happens if the address is incorrect or not completely.

In this case, go to the order card, edit the order address on the map in the sidebar or in the appropriate fields. Apply change the address and coordinates tightened.

The location of the courier

The list of available couriers is also listed in the side menu. By clicking on one of the couriers, you can see its location on the map. The data is updated every couple of minutes. You will see the courier if he is using the mobile app. Don't worry, it doesn't drain your phone's battery too much.
Assign a group of orders for the courier

The map shows the orders of two colors. Blue means unassigned orders to the courier, green means assigned to the courier. To effectively distribute orders for the courier, we recommend you following steps:

Step 1. Select the desired courier. Thus, we see orders that are already assigned to it and are free for distribution.

Step 2. Use multi-selection in the right menu. Select the desired group of orders. They will be highlighted in yellow. Assign orders to the courier.

You can also show/hide assigned or unassigned orders on the map. The data is updated periodically. If there are new orders, the logistician will see them.
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