Академия Pingdelivery
Telegram bot
General features

With the help of Telegram-bot, the courier sees the information about the orders that the logist has assigned to him. We have developed Telegram-bot for iOs smartphones.

To get started, the courier installs the Telegram messenger, then finds our @PingCourierBot bot. The courier receives the password via sms when the logistician creates a courier account.

Orders in the interface are divided into groups: Orders for today, Expired orders, Future orders. The courier selects the group and sees the corresponding list of orders. After that, the courier clicks on the order number and sees the details of the address, the name and phone number of the buyer.

Next, the courier marks the order as delivered or refused. May change delivery date if buyer requests to do so.
Pay attention
If the courier uses the Telegram-bot, then create an account with the phone number, first and last name registered in the messenger.

If the courier uses a smartphone on Android, we recommend the application developed by us.
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