Pingdelivery Academy - Uploading new leads
Common features

As we download the orders manually, firstly we fill in the template. Each company has its own business processes, so the file may be different. Its form should be checked with your account manager.

Columns names must be exactly as they are called. The order of columns can be changed.
You can fill in or leave the fields blank depending on your account settings.

Next columns must content information

  • Number — order's number in your system. Сannot be repeated
  • Price — order's price
  • Pay_type — pay type. You can choose among next types: CASH, CARD, PREPAID. Register cannot be changed
  • Application — delivery's team name.
  • RecipientPerson — customer's name.
  • RecipientPhone — customer's phone.
  • RecipientFull_address - full address for delivery.
  • RecipientZipcode — zipcode in delivery address.
  • Country — for example RU (use letters which your account manager tells you).
  • RecipientCity — city in address for delivery.
  • RecipientStreet — street in address for delivery
  • RecipientDelivery_date — delivery date
  • RecipientTime_min and RecipientTime_max — .
  • Items1Quantity — item's quantity.
  • Items1Text — item's name.
  • Comment — additional information about delivery. If you haven't it, put "New".

Next columns can be empty but they should exist in the file

  • RecipientHouse — customer's house.
  • RecipientApartment — customer's flat.
  • RecipientNeighborhood — customer's neighborhood.

Next columns can be empty or absent

  • PickupPhone, PickupFull_address, PickupPerson - seller's phone, full address and name.

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