Pingdelivery Academy -
Call Center interface
General features

In the Call center module operators call customers, make additional sales or remove items in orders.

When the operator opens the module, he sees three columns for orders: New, Check and Recall.

New leads from the web site or CRM-system appear in the New column. The operator takes new orders in work and move to the Check column.

The operator opens each order, calls customer, makes additional sales or removes items in orders. If the buyer does not respond, the operator transfers the order to the Recall column.

Orders queue depends on the delivery date. In the column Recall orders are arranged depending on the date of the next call.

The color scheme helps to keep under control the date of delivery of orders: red highlighted orders are orders with expired delivery date. Yellow color means delivery date is today or tomorrow. Gray color means all further.

After the operator receives confirmation from the buyer, he transfers the order to delivery. He can do it both via menu inside the order's card and the external menu.
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