Pingdelivery Academy - Order editing
General description
In the process of working with orders, information about them is required to be supplemented and edited. This can be done in the order card itself.

At the top of the card, you can see the order number in the Pingelivery system, the date the order was created, the client number, the name of the client, the name of the buyer (the latter can be edited).

The phone number can be configured to edit, completely hide, partially hide, display. This is done using the Pingdelivery command. If you have connected telephony or sending SMS, you will see the corresponding action buttons.

There is also a customizable ability to change the number of goods or add a new one, recalculate the standard prices and taking into account the shares.

If necessary, the operator can make adjustments to the price, put down the delivery area on a given list, change the method of payment, the cost of delivery. All this will lead to further recalculation of the order amount. These are customizable features.

If you have several delivery teams available, you can transfer orders between them. For example, if the order was distributed by mistake to the wrong team. Nearby you can make changes to the date and time of delivery.
The delivery address is edited both manually and pull up with the help of the card embedded in the order card. By entering the desired address, you pull up the coordinates. It remains only to apply the address changes.

The order comment field can contain both source data that came from the client, and can be used for internal tasks, delivery features, etc.

The logist can print the accompanying documents for the order directly from the card.

Depending on the status of the order, the actions of moving the order to other statuses and columns will be available below.

The entire change history for the order is also stored in the card. You can track who, what and when did with the order.
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