Pingdelivery Academy - Dispatch interface
General features
Dispatcher screen shows a general picture of the status of orders in delivery.
Unassigned - orders that are awaiting appointment to the courier. In process - orders that are distributed to couriers. Expired orders by the time and date of delivery are highlighted in red.
Approve - orders for which the courier has entered the status (delivered, canceled, refused) in the application and require verification by the dispatcher / logistician. The screen is available filter by date of delivery, delivery team, couriers.

You can print various documents and invoices customized for you. Also on the side there are additional filters for a variety of parameters.

On the screen, you can distribute the order to the courier. You can also return an order to the Call Center screen (Pingdelivery interface). For the mass assignment of orders for the courier, first select the delivery team. We click on the desired group of orders and assign them to the courier.

If you want to print the accompanying documents to the orders (for example, invoices, invoices), select the necessary orders. Then select the desired document type.

Documents can be printed directly from the browser window or saved as a PDF. To print the route list, select the desired courier and display the document on the screen for downloading and printing.

There are many possible actions with orders, some of which can be configured (disabled or enabled) for users. Actions with the signature "for confirmation" simulate the action of the courier in the application. Sends an order to the "Approve" column. Through the menu, you can assign an order to another courier, mark the delivery, return to the call center, cancel, mark as a return from the recipient.
Monitoring the courier's work process
In the Approve column, all orders are collected for which the courier has entered the status in the mobile application. The final status is indicated by the dispatcher / logistician, if necessary, by carrying out additional control / verification.

Delivery completion status is shown as a green card. If the courier said that he could not deliver the order for some reason and required assistance, you will see a blue card. If the buyer refused the order, you will see the reason for the refusal and the red color of the card. On such need to respond first to clarify the details and work with the recipient.

For each order, a set of actions that the dispatcher / logistician can perform with the order is possible. If there was a refusal for the order, then you can put down the final status, if necessary, clarify the real reason.

We have selected an extended list of reasons with details that should cover all possible variants of events. This is important because it will help collect feedback on services, products, services.

If the dispatcher failed to reach the recipient, in order to clarify the feedback, a call back function is provided. It allows you to count the number of attempts to dial and schedule the time of the next call. This is convenient especially when dealing with waivers and processing objections from the buyer. You can schedule the next call from the order card, specifying the date and time.

There is also a special filter that will allow filtering all orders for which there was no dialing to the recipient. For convenience, we have made it possible to group orders by status, taking into account the courier's comment.
If you need a photo verification of the assignment by the courier, this option is available in the application. All photos will appear on the order card. They can be made both to the order, and to the goods / service.
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