Pingdelivery Academy - How to begin working in Inventory
General features

In the accounting of goods we conduct all work with goods which are stored at us in a warehouse. If you decide to automate the work of your warehouse using our services, the list of mandatory actions:

1. Prescribe a system of warehouses together with one of the Pingdelivery employees. Each warehouse should have a name and rules - from which warehouse and to which you usually move the goods? Maybe the warehouse has several logisticians?

2. Check product names. You can have several synonyms of one product in the Call center and Delivery services - in this case, first check the list of products and names.

3. We bring goods to the warehouse in our services. To do this, we use the client's account and Cabinet (

4. Teach logistics functional Account of the goods. We have described in detail how to move goods from warehouse to warehouse, and transfer the goods to couriers.

5. We inform Pingdelivery employees about Connecting courier accounts. This can be done by any logistician in The delivery interface. Put a tick in your account
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